Stanford researchers open source sentiment analysis project

Stanford researchers to open-source model they say has nailed sentiment analysis
Derrick Harris,

Stan­ford Ph.D. stu­dent Richard Socher appre­ci­ates the work Google and oth­ers are doing to build neur­al net­works that can under­stand human lan­guage. He just thinks his work is more use­ful — and he’s going to share his code with any­one wh…

Funf: computational social science in your pocket

Open-source Funf platform taps into Android’s huge knowledge about you
By Daniel Cossins,


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Is a résumé relevant in the age of online courses and open source projects?

Is a résumé relevant in the age of online courses and open source projects?
Stack Exchange,

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davidk01 asks:

My resume is no…

Kicking Off a Year of Open Source Everything

Kicking Off a Year of Open Source Everything
Sam Muirhead,

Berlin film­mak­er Sam Muir­head is attempt­ing to live a com­plete­ly open source life for one year. Here’s why.

The phrase ‘Open Source’, to many peo­ple, means ‘soft­ware you don’t have to pay for’—but real­ly it’s so much more than th…

Finally, MIT courses in my underwear: MITx

Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Photo credit: MrFederico)

Following on the growing number of engineering schools offering online or blended education, MIT is now taking the next logical step by expanding their open courseware to provide unrestricted access and credentials for students as well as a new custom developed, video based open source learning management system which can be used by educators.

M.I.T. Expands Free Online Courses, Offering Certificates –

Ultraviolet photography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

UV Designer Rolf Bender
UV Designer Rolf Bender (Photo credit: Beo Beyond)

Ultraviolet photography – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.