Tim Batchelder is a leader on information strategies in regulated industries including life sciences, biotechnology and healthcare. He has successfully proposed and launched a number of information, content and knowledge management teams and capabilities at both large global companies and smaller startups.  Tim combines the liberal arts and technology to enable organizations to uncover, integrate and apply their untapped knowledge assets, customer insights, data and intelligence.

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BenevolentAI uses cognitive computing, semantic search to speed development of in-licensed drugs 

A key ambition of BenevolentAI is to use artificial intelligence to revolutionize the drug development process. Now, with a licensing agreement with Janssen, it is one significant step closer to realizing that dream. Source: BenevolentAI looks to artificial intelligence for speedy development of in-licensed drugs | FierceBiotech

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Cognitive Security and Risk Management: The New Battleground In Cybersecurity

“The Cognitive Risk Framework for Cybersecurity is in response to an interim process of transitioning to a new level of business operations (cognitive computing) informed by better intelligence to solve the problems that hinder growth.” Source: Cognitive Hack: The New Battleground In Cybersecurity

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Pfizer Partners With IBM Watson To Advance Cancer Drug Discovery

IBM Watson Health and drug maker Pfizer have formed a relationship to accelerate drug discovery in “immuno-oncology” using the computer giant’s artificial intelligence system. Source: Pfizer Partners With IBM Watson To Advance Cancer Drug Discovery

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How Cubans Live as Long as Americans at a Tenth of the Cost

Lessons of physical prosperity in a despotic regime Source: How Cubans Live as Long as Americans at a Tenth of the Cost – The Atlantic

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