Tim Batchelder is a leader on information strategies in regulated industries including life sciences, biotechnology and healthcare. He has successfully proposed and launched a number of information, content and knowledge management teams and capabilities at both large global companies and smaller startups.  Tim combines the liberal arts and technology to enable organizations to uncover, integrate and apply their untapped knowledge assets, customer insights, data and intelligence.


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Companies Have an Aha! Moment: Bullies Don’t Make the Best Managers

  Nike’s ouster of a top executive casts new light on the hard-knuckled behavior common in many offices. Source: Nike’s Executive Exodus Shows Bullies Don’t Make Good Bosses – Bloomberg

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How social networking fears eliminated a Lyme disease vaccine

  Your dog can get vaccinated for Lyme. You cannot. Source: Lyme disease vaccine: the frustrating reason there isn’t one for humans – Vox

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Losing a Year of My Life to Lyme Disease 

Despite this being the most difficult year of my life, I’ve stayed quiet about it. Source: Losing a Year of My Life to Lyme Disease – travelFREAK

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You aren’t too nice to be leadership material 

  Being nice is not considered cool. Or powerful. Or effective. But it should be. Source: You aren’t too nice to be leadership material — Quartz at Work

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