PubPeer, PubLons online peer review sites shake up science publication

New wave of online peer review and discussion tools frightens some scientists
Chris Lee,

Sites like Publons and PubPeer hope to quicken the pace of scientific conversation. PublonsEarlier this year, I wrote a story about a new HIV/Aids detection kit that was under development. Since that time, the same group has published two more pap…

Evolutionary medicine: cold temps increases cancer growth in mice

Chilly temperatures foster cancer growth in mice
Ars Staff,

Flickr user Duncan HillAt low temperatures, the human body has a hard time. As the cold sets in, blood vessels constrict to maintain heat, and some body parts—like fingers and toes—begin to suffer. Metabolism ramps up to fight the cold and shiveri…

What healthcare needs is a real time snapshot of you

What Health Care Needs Is a Real-Time Snapshot of You
Daniela Hernandez,

Healthcare can be a very slow-moving beast. Getting something as seemingly easy as a basic metabolic panel or an HIV test done can take days. That’s a problem because while the lab was working its slow magic, your body was …

Electrical brain stimulation helps rats with spinal cord injuries walk

Electric Brain Stimulation Helps Rats With Spinal Cord Injuries Walk | Popular Science

Lab Rat

Janet Stephens via Wiki­me­dia Com­mons

Stim­u­lat­ing a set of neu­rons deep in the brain has allowed rats with severe spinal cord injuries to walk almost nor­mal­ly again, a group of Swiss researchers reports in Sci­ence…

Finding next MS drug in common industrial chemical, lithium carbonate

Unlikely Multiple Sclerosis Pill On Track To Become Blockbuster
by Scott Hensley,

There aren’t very many drugs that are also, essen­tial­ly, indus­tri­al chem­i­cals avail­able in railroad-car vol­umes, phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal chemist Derek Lowe noted on his blog, In The Pipeline, this spring.

But there are a few. One is lithi­um…

Numerate applies big data to drug design

Numerate Trains Its Drug Design Platform On Huntington’s Disease
Bernadette Tansey,

Bernadette TanseyThe path toward a breakthrough drug often starts with a new insight about the molecular cause of an illness, but only a few of these discoveries lead to new treatments. Steven Finkbeiner at the Gladstone Institutes in San…

New cancer treatment beats chemotherapy without the toxic side effects

New cancer treatment beats chemotherapy without the toxic side effects.

Family planning as fertile ground for startups? Clue is the latest entrant

Family planning as fertile ground for startups? Clue is the latest entrant — Tech News and Analysis.

The Future Of Psychotherapy: $5 Million On Breakthrough – Forbes

The Future Of Therapy:  Million On Breakthrough - Forbes

The Future Of Therapy: $5 Million On Breakthrough – Forbes.

Why healthcare needs Apple

Why health care needs Apple
Christina Farr,

Apple has a huge oppor­tu­ni­ty to inno­vate in dig­i­tal health.

The Sil­i­con Val­ley tech­nol­o­gy giant has yet to con­firm any new health and fit­ness gad­gets — includ­ing its hotly antic­i­pat­ed “iWatch.” If you were hop­ing yes­ter­day’…

Tips for freelance success

5 Sure-Fire Routes to Freelancing Success
Lynn Dixon,

In today’s shaky economy, freelancing is on the rise. In the U.S. alone, one in three workers are now doing freelance work. That’s 42 million Americans going without employer health insurance, 401(k) plans and flexible spending accounts.But it’s n…