PubPeer, PubLons online peer review sites shake up science publication

New wave of online peer review and discussion tools frightens some scientists
Chris Lee,

Sites like Publons and PubPeer hope to quicken the pace of scientific conversation. PublonsEarlier this year, I wrote a story about a new HIV/Aids detection kit that was under development. Since that time, the same group has published two more pap…

US cities employ precog algorithm to predict murder

US cities employ precog algorithm to predict murder
By Kim Zetter,


Who needs the freaky pre­cogs of Minor­i­ty Report to pre­dict if some­one’s like­ly to com­mit mur­der when you have an algo­rithm that can do it for you?

New crime-prediction soft­ware used in Mary­land and Penn­syl­va­nia, U…

Social Science Pushing Data Frontiers

(via Social Science Pushing Data Frontiers – Information Management Blogs Article)

Ethnographic tools examine human behavior

You, Under the Retail Microscope
By Ben Steverman -,

Fred­er­ic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

It’s the clas­sic hol­i­day face-off. On one side, you have the wary shop­per, who is often “just brows­ing” and more and more like­ly to pur­chase only online. On the other, there’s the sales­per­son, wh…

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The Science Of Sleep

‘Dreamland’: Open Your Eyes To The Science Of Sleep
Maureen Corrigan,

‘Dreamland’: Open Your Eyes To The Science Of Sleep Fresh Air from WHYY

Step, if you will, into my bed­room at night. (Don’t worry, this is a PG-rated invitation.) At first, all is tran­quil: My hus­band and I, exhaust­ed by our day’s labors,…

Experience Research: ethnographic approaches to business consulting


Research Bar
Research Bar (Photo credit: Rice-Aron Library)

Experience Research.

Fitbit: Personal Informatics to track sleep and movement

Fitbit (Photo credit:
Image representing Fitbit as depicted in Crunc...
Image via CrunchBase

I’ve been using this device for some months and it is excellent for visualizing your movements including sleep habits.


Future Perfect: Ethnographic approaches to technology R&D

flash ethnography: observations of a doctor's ...
flash ethnography: observations of a doctor’s use of mobile tech with a patient (Photo credit: Tricia Wang 王圣捷)


Jan Chipchase is a Executive Creative Director of Global Insights at frog – a global design and innovation company. Prior to this role she worked for almost a decade as a strategist in Nokia’s Los Angeles design studio and Principal Scientist in the Nokia Research Center, Tokyo. She specializes in taking teams of concept/industrial designers, psychologists, usability experts, sociologists, and ethnographers into the field and, after a fair bit of work, getting them home safely.


Future Perfect » Research Methods.





Neurovigil: Replacing a Sleep Lab with an iPhone?

This is amazing.

Daniel Heimpel: Revolutionizing Sleep Science.