Building meta data, semantic web and a wiki for relevancy

Let’s build a semantic web by creating a Wikipedia for relevancy
Jim Benedetto,

Every­one is always ask­ing me how big our ontol­ogy is. How many nodes are in your ontol­ogy? How many edges do you have? Or the most com­mon — how many ter­abytes of data do you have in your ontol­ogy?

We live in a world where over a decade of…

Health 2.0: Here Come The BigCos

Health 2.0: Here Come The BigCos!
Richard MacManus,

I’m at the Health 2.0 Con­fer­ence in San Fran­cis­co – and it reminds me a lot of the Web 2.0 Con­fer­ences of 2006-07. The sec­ond com­ing of the Web, coined “Web 2.0” by Tim O’Reil­ly and his com­pa­ny, was enter­ing its peak around 2006. If I…

Enterprise 2.0: Article in KMWorld

Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston
Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Boston (Photo credit: @heyamberrae)


Great article on Enterprise 2.0



Writing the book on Enterprise 2.0: KMWorld.



You are not a gadget: Considering the social side of new technologies

Jaron Lanier
Jaron Lanier (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good critique of some of the risks and issues of today’s exploding use of online social media. Jaron Lanier argues it is creating a wealth of fake, fragmented social relationships, endlessly rehashed content and demeaning true human talents. And this is coming from a hardcore techie who developed VR. However his parents relocated to New Mexico from NYC to live in tents for much of his childhood so I suppose he has seen both sides of the coin…

Brain scan: The virtual curmudgeon | The Economist


Social Science Research Network (SSRN)

20120227-NodeXL-Twitter-darpa network graph
20120227-NodeXL-Twitter-darpa network graph (Photo credit: Marc_Smith)


Social Science Research Network (SSRN) Home Page.


This is a great new site for publishing social science findings. It uses Web 2.0 to allow ranking of the best articles.



Fold3: Historical military records go Web 2.0

Image representing Footnote as depicted in Cru...
Image via CrunchBase

Fold3 – Historical military records

This is a great site for genealogists and history buffs. Footnote is a perfect Web-2.0 example of  the power of the Internet to uncover insights into history. They have an arrangement with the National Archives to digitize and upload every document they own.