Sentient code: An inside look at Stephen Wolfram’s utterly new, insanely ambitious computational paradigm
John Koetsier,

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In 2002 Stephen Wol­fram released A New Kind of Sci­ence and imme­di­ate­ly unleashed a firestorm of won­der, con­tro­ver­sy, and crit­i­cism as the British-born sci­en­tist, pro­gram­mer, and entre­pre­neur over­turn…

Sentient code: Stephen Wolfram’s linguistic computing platform

The jobs of the future belong to data scientists and user experience designers
Stacey Higginbotham,

GE and design may not seem to go togeth­er, but as it con­nects its indus­tri­al prod­ucts, med­ical devices and home appli­ances to the inter­net and rethinks its busi­ness for the con­nect­ed age, the com­pa­ny is focus­ing on user inter­faces a…

The jobs of the future belong to data science and user experience designers

You can use Google Street View to see the dead
Jess Zimmerman,

Wow, is there nothing Google can’t do? Street View can take you under the ocean, to the surface of Mars, around the South Pole, inside an abandoned Fukushima town, and up some difficult hiking trails. And now, one Oregon man’s experience suggests…

Google street view shows dead people

New tool lets you visualize just about anything in 5 minutes (maybe less)
Derrick Harris,

There’s a new web tool called Raw that makes it real­ly easy to do some advanced visu­al­iza­tions on data in just a few min­utes. (Hat tip to Nathan Yau of Flow­ing­Da­ta for point­ing it out.) The way it works is pret­ty sim­ple: You paste data…

Raw: advanced data visualization via cut and paste

From spooky to sublime, these Street View pics are hard to forget
by Tim Hornyak,

Montreal artist Jon Rafman’s Nine Eyes project collects some of the craziest Google Street View images you’ve ever seen.

If you’ve never taken a ran­dom walk through Google Street View, the expe­ri­ence can feel like a dream in slow…

Sublime Google street view photos

Calico: How Google’s stab at the fountain of youth could transform health care
Christina Farr,

Google is back in the health busi­ness with a mys­te­ri­ous new ini­tia­tive to com­bat death itself.

Google’s top exec­u­tives didn’t say much about the biotech ven­ture, called Cal­i­co, when they announced it on Sept. 18, except to say that i…

Calico: Google’s first leap into health enhancement

Google Glass competitor ships 50K units, gets Intel investment, and hints at Apple connection
John Koetsier,

Google Glass com­peti­tor Recon Jet, which bills itself as the Google Glass for ath­letes and pro­fes­sion­als, has secured an invest­ment from Intel Cap­i­tal.

In per­haps big­ger news, the com­pa­ny announced that is has already shipped 50,000…

ReconJet creates Google glass competitor with Apple connections

Sequoia’s Sir Michael Moritz: The ‘data factory’ is the next Industrial Revolution
Jolie O’Dell,

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SAN FRAN­CIS­CO — Com­pu­ta­tion power, appli­ca­tions, device and ser­vices costs, and stor­age are expe­ri­enc­ing a dra­mat­ic upheaval not unlike the Indus­tri­al Rev­o­lu­tion of cen­turies past.

All that adds …

The data factory is the next industrial revolution

Google just eliminated the market research business

Google just put the market research biz on notice — Tech News and Analysis.

Silicon Valley is Hacking Your Food |

Silicon Valley is Hacking Your Food |