ReconJet creates Google glass competitor with Apple connections

Google Glass competitor ships 50K units, gets Intel investment, and hints at Apple connection
John Koetsier,

Google Glass com­peti­tor Recon Jet, which bills itself as the Google Glass for ath­letes and pro­fes­sion­als, has secured an invest­ment from Intel Cap­i­tal.

In per­haps big­ger news, the com­pa­ny announced that is has already shipped 50,000…

Talented workers bring their own devices

Worried Workers: BYOD Or You’re SOL [Infographic]
Brian Proffitt,

It is a common perception around the world that Americans, by and large, have problems relaxing. We don’t take what little vacations we do get and increasingly use technology to blur the line between work and home life. But a new study shows that…

RT @RWW: A new study suggests emerging markets may be better practitioners of bring your own device (BYOD) than mature markets.

Intel futurist know what you want

Intel Inside
Intel Inside (Photo credit: jurvetson)


Intel’s futurist knows what tech you’ll want tomorrow
by Brian Cooley,

Brian David John­son is Intel’s guy in charge of know­ing what tomor­row will be like. No pres­sure. He shows CNET’s Brian Coo­ley what’s next.

Tech­no­log­i­cal futur­ism to Intel’s Brian David John­son is a lot more than engi­neer­ing. …

Brian David Johnson and the Intel futurism department

Brian David Johnson: Intel’s Guide to the Future – Forbes.

SecuritySpy plus Mac Mini and IP webcam for home security

Well and Booster Pump Automation.
Well and Booster Pump Automation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: A first generation design of the Mac ...
English: A first generation design of the Mac Mini by Apple. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


With this software plus a mac mini, mac pro or iMac,  networked webcam with motion detection and low light, some ethenet cable you can create a really sweet home automation and security system that integrates with Indigo for X10

Infoporn: Tap Into the 12-Million-Teraflop Handheld Megacomputer

Moore's Law, The Fifth Paradigm.
Moore’s Law, The Fifth Paradigm. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Infoporn: Tap Into the 12-Million-Teraflop Handheld Megacomputer.

This article argues that each hyperlink in the internet is like a synapse in the brain which now results in the internet having the computational power of a brain.