ReconJet creates Google glass competitor with Apple connections

Google Glass competitor ships 50K units, gets Intel investment, and hints at Apple connection
John Koetsier,

Google Glass com­peti­tor Recon Jet, which bills itself as the Google Glass for ath­letes and pro­fes­sion­als, has secured an invest­ment from Intel Cap­i­tal.

In per­haps big­ger news, the com­pa­ny announced that is has already shipped 50,000…

Google Glass: Surgery Tool Of The Future?

Google Glass: Surgery Tool Of The Future?
By Shaunacy Ferro,

A surgeon transmitted the first Google Glass video of a live surgery to colleagues and med students across town.

We’ve been wait­ing for a while to fig­ure out what prac­ti­cal uses will come out of Google Glass, besides, of course, mak­ing dude…

Google glass: high tech, low cool

If You Wear Google’s New Glasses You Are An Asshole
Adrian Chen,

Atlantic writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has developed a brilliantly concise definition of an asshole: “A person who demands that all social interaction happen on their terms.” He was inspired by the assholes who talk in Amtrak’s quiet car, but thi…

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