Calico is the most interesting startup in Silicon Valley

This anti-aging brain trust is the most interesting startup in Silicon Valley
Christina Farr,

In Sep­tem­ber, Google chief exec­u­tive Larry Page announced his lat­est “moonshot,” a mys­te­ri­ous new ven­ture to extend the human life span.

We don’t know much yet about the ini­tia­tive, dubbed Cal­i­co, but Page revealed in a blog post th…

Silicon Valley is Hacking Your Food |

Silicon Valley is Hacking Your Food |

Airbnb lessons on distruption

Disruption Lessons From Airbnb
The Build Network staff,

Your future competitors will likely supply what you do—but from cheaper, off-the-radar sources.

There are back­yard busi­ness terms, and there are—how shall we put it?—more ele­vat­ed notions.

Any kid with a lemon­ade stand grasps “sup­ply”…

Disruption Lessons From Airbnb

Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood: Top Coders Can Now Get Agents


Ashlee Vance,

(An ear­li­er ver­sion of this story ran online.)

Max Nanis’s web­site promi­nent­ly fea­tures about two dozen head shots of the skin­ny, scruffy 22-year-old South­ern Cal­i­forn­ian with his shirt off …

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Silicon Valley Goes Hollywood: Top Coders Can Now Get Agents

Age of context

Age of Context Draft Introduction
Shel Israel,

[NOTE: I am writ­ing a new book called Age of Con­text with Robert Scoble. We hope it will be ready at the end of Sep­tem­ber. This is a draft intro­duc­tion. It will be changed sev­er­al times before we pub­lish the book and what we want the m…

The No-Hire Emails That That Incriminate

The No-Hire Emails That That Incriminate Apple, Google, Adobe and More
Jamie Condliffe,

A court filing has just been made public which sheds light on the “no-hire” gentleman’s agreements that have pervaded the tech industry—and reveals how Steve Jobs threatened litigation to prevent companies from stealing his staff.Notably, former P…

The No-Hire Emails That That Incriminate Apple, Google, Adobe and More

The Happiness Machine

Google Campus
Google Campus (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Farhad Manjoo,

A few years ago, Google’s human resources department noticed a problem: A lot of women were leaving the company. Like the majority of Silicon Valley software firms, Google is staffed mostly by men, and executives have long made it a priority to…

The Happiness Machine

The Happiness Machine

NYC emerging as a social tech startup powerhouse

Why 2013 Will Be a Big Year for NYC’s Tech Start-Ups!
Alan McGlade,

New York City has a thriv­ing start-up scene and now is firm­ly estab­lished as the num­ber two inno­va­tion cen­ter behind Sil­i­con Val­ley. The ramp in momen­tum can be felt across the city land­scape from the mayor’s office where Michael…

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New York start-ups’ own flavour

How New York’s new tech firms differ from Silicon Valley rivals

RT @BBCNewsUS: Is NYC’s Silicon Alley a credible rival to California’s Silicon Valley? What is bringing start-ups to the big city?

New York start-ups’ own flavour

Top towns to raise kids

(via America’s Best Places to Raise Kids 2013 – Businessweek)

Vinod Khosla says tech will replace 80% of what docs do

Technology will replace 80% of what doctors do – Fortune Tech

Data-driven healthcare won’t replace physicians entirely, but it will help those receptive to technology perform their jobs better.

By Vinod Khosla

FOR­TUNE — Health­care today is often real­ly the “prac­tice of med­i­cine” rather than the…

Silicon Valley, meet Genome Valley







Maggie Koerth-Baker,

More than 100 bio­med­ical and life sci­ence com­pa­nies are clus­tered in Genome Val­ley, a research park in Hyder­abad, India. (Via Joanne Man­aster)

Silicon Valley, meet Genome Valley