Nurses will assess whether your health tech is usable

Nurses will never adopt your tech if the usability sucks
Meghan Kelly,

Nurs­es are the unsung heroes of the hos­pi­tal who nav­i­gate crap­py soft­ware on out­dat­ed hard­ware to keep you healthy — and it needs to stop.

Exec­u­tives from Cedar’s-Sinai and Kaiser Per­ma­nente explained at Ven­ture­Beat’s Health­Beat…

Age of context

Age of Context Draft Introduction
Shel Israel,

[NOTE: I am writ­ing a new book called Age of Con­text with Robert Scoble. We hope it will be ready at the end of Sep­tem­ber. This is a draft intro­duc­tion. It will be changed sev­er­al times before we pub­lish the book and what we want the m…

A Tool To Let Companies Design Products Without Harmful Chemicals

A Tool To Let Companies Design Products Without Harmful Chemicals

We all know BPA is bad, but so are a lot of other chemicals we don’t know too much about. A new service lets companies find out if what they’re selling us might end up being the next BPA—so they can save money before they have to recall…

RT @PopSci: A tool for ID’ing the next BPA before it hits the market, c/o @FastCompany

Fred Trotter, health IT hacktivist

Data: Bringing Hidden Healthcare Data Into the Open
Sarah Mitroff,

Self-described health IT hack­tivist and author Fred Trot­ter has hatched a plan to bring hid­den health­care data into the open.

Cleantech Experts On Romney’s Energy Plan

Wal Mart
Wal Mart (Photo credit: toweliedell)

Cleantech Experts On Romney’s Energy Plan: ‘A Political Document Not Worth Serious Analysis’

By Climate Guest Blogger on Aug 30, 2012 at 12:21 pm,

by Wal­ter Frick, via BostIn­no

The cen­tral ener­gy chal­lenge we face as a nation and a plan­et is the tran­si­tion away from fos­sil fuels, which con­tribute to cli­mate change, to clean sources of ener­gy. The most impor­tant debates …