Airbnb lessons on distruption

Disruption Lessons From Airbnb
The Build Network staff,

Your future competitors will likely supply what you do—but from cheaper, off-the-radar sources.

There are back­yard busi­ness terms, and there are—how shall we put it?—more ele­vat­ed notions.

Any kid with a lemon­ade stand grasps “sup­ply”…

Disruption Lessons From Airbnb

Airbnb starts verifying users

Airbnb starts verifying user profiles
by Donna Tam,

The company that matches property owners to travelers looking for a place to stay now tags vetted users with verified ID badges.

Airbnb, which helps peo­ple find vaca­tion rentals all around the world, today will start ver­i­fy­ing the iden­ti­t…

Airbnb starts verifying user profiles

Ratings and reviews: the end of serendipity (and bad hotel rooms)

English: Graph of internet users per 100 inhab...
English: Graph of internet users per 100 inhabitants between 1997 and 2007 by International Telecommunication Union (ITU) recreated in OpenOffice Calc, source: (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

An interesting article which points out some social downsides to the Internet including the fact that almost everything now comes with a sea of reviews and ratings making the act of discovering something entirely oneself a little more difficult.

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