Prickly Painkiller: Scientific American

Prickly Painkiller: Scientific American.

Ethnographic tools examine human behavior

You, Under the Retail Microscope
By Ben Steverman -,

Fred­er­ic J. Brown/AFP via Getty Images

It’s the clas­sic hol­i­day face-off. On one side, you have the wary shop­per, who is often “just brows­ing” and more and more like­ly to pur­chase only online. On the other, there’s the sales­per­son, wh…

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Microscopic reasons to stop eating fast foods

An Electron Microscope Reveals The Hidden Horrors Of Processed Foods
By Belinda Lanks,

Photographer Caren Alpert wants you to take a good, hard look at what you eat.

One of the most pow­er­ful tools in a sci­en­tist’s arse­nal is the scan­ning elec­tron micro­scope (SEM), which uses a beam of elec­trons to mag­ni­fy a spec­i­men u…