Finding next MS drug in common industrial chemical, lithium carbonate

Unlikely Multiple Sclerosis Pill On Track To Become Blockbuster
by Scott Hensley,

There aren’t very many drugs that are also, essen­tial­ly, indus­tri­al chem­i­cals avail­able in railroad-car vol­umes, phar­ma­ceu­ti­cal chemist Derek Lowe noted on his blog, In The Pipeline, this spring.

But there are a few. One is lithi­um…

I have cancer, what’s your excuse?

I have brain cancer. What’s your excuse?
Ronnie Castro,

You may have caught the arti­cle by my friend and co-founder Matt Ehrlich­man last month, titled “My 32-year-old co-founder has a brain tumor — seri­ous­ly?“

To set the record straight, I’m 33 now, not quite old enough to start lying about my ag…

Breast cancer exploitation and the pink nausea

Possibly the worst example of “pink nausea” and breast cancer exploitation ever
Xeni Jardin,

As I said to can­cer pals on Twit­ter ear­li­er today, if my loved ones arrange a funer­al for me where every­one is dressed like this, I swear unto you that I will come back from the dead and stab every­one in the face. (via @reground­ing)

Possibly the worst example of “pink nausea” and breast cancer exploitation ever – Boing Boing

Crowdsourcing cancer survival with new online communities

National Cancer Survivors Day
National Cancer Survivors Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Surviving cancer is tough. Not only do you have to get through the many diabolical treatments which destroy health tissues along with disease and leave you crippled and disabled for life, but there are powerful social stigmas that can limit your career and lifestyle after the treatment. Fortunately a number of online communities for cancer survivors are springing up. Be sure to check out Mycancerplace, Cancercompass, Blogforacure, Ihadcancer, and Acor