Why the iPad can replace your cable subscription

Who Needs Cable? 3 iPad Apps That Glue Me To My TV
John Paul Titlow, readwrite.com

The Internet may be changing TV, but it is nowhere close to completely disrupting it.Why’s that? In a word, content.Web videos can rack up millions of views (and millions of dollars), but the Web isn’t yet giving us content as compelling as Downto…

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Shareist helps you manage your content

Shareist Is A Content Management System For Your Content Management System (That’s A Good Thing)
John Biggs, techcrunch.com

As a major media fig­ure on the Inter­net, I often find it dif­fi­cult to man­age all of my con­tent out­lets. I have a Twit­ter feed con­nect­ed to my Face­book con­nect­ed to my Tum­blr. I also have a per­son­al blog that I ignore and a few othe…


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