Working at a company without email

Is There Life After Email? Yes, And It’s Amazing

Scott Berkun, author of The Year Without Pants, on his time at, a company that—pinch us—doesn’t rely on email.

I worked at, the 15th most pop­u­lar web­site in the world to write The Year With­out Pants, a book abou… converts your Evernotes to a content management system Turns An Evernote Notebook Into A Blog
Sarah Perez,

One of the more inter­est­ing projects to emerge from Ever­note’s 2013 Devcup hackathon is called, a new blog­ging plat­form that turns your Ever­note note­book into a con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem. Input Logic, the Vancouver-based… Turns An Evernote Notebook Into A Blog

Finding good Usernames

(via How to pick a good username, @eschmidt0)

Are you ready to downsize to a tiny house?

Seven Questions To Ask Before Buying A Tiny House
Steven Harrell,


1.) Do you plan to move any­time in the near future?

Or does a trav­el­ing lifestyle fit best with your vision of a tiny house lifestyle? If so, you might con­sid­er pur­chas­ing a tiny house that sits on a trail­er.


Shareist helps you manage your content

Shareist Is A Content Management System For Your Content Management System (That’s A Good Thing)
John Biggs,

As a major media fig­ure on the Inter­net, I often find it dif­fi­cult to man­age all of my con­tent out­lets. I have a Twit­ter feed con­nect­ed to my Face­book con­nect­ed to my Tum­blr. I also have a per­son­al blog that I ignore and a few othe…

Yes, Ayn, There Is a Social Instinct

Yes, Ayn, There Is a Social Instinct | The Crux

Eric Michael John­son has a mas­ter’s degree in evo­lu­tion­ary anthro­pol­o­gy focus­ing on great ape behav­ioral ecol­o­gy. He is cur­rent­ly a doc­tor­al stu­dent in the his­to­ry of sci­ence at Uni­ver­si­ty of British Colum­bia look­ing at… The first human powered search engine

English: a chart to describe the search engine...
English: a chart to describe the search engine market (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Image representing Mahalo as depicted in Crunc...
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The first human powered search engine..

IT/Information & Decision Solutions (IDS) at P&G


IT/Information & Decision Solutions (IDS) jobs at P&G.


In looking at how different companies run their information functions and how IT is developing I studied the new IDS model at PG Information and Decision Solutions. Technology is shifting from the Systems title to Business and Solutions titles.