Homeless to hacker: How the Maker Movement Changed one Man’s Life

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Postach.io converts your Evernotes to a content management system

Postach.io Turns An Evernote Notebook Into A Blog
Sarah Perez, techcrunch.com

One of the more inter­est­ing projects to emerge from Ever­note’s 2013 Devcup hackathon is called Postach.io, a new blog­ging plat­form that turns your Ever­note note­book into a con­tent man­age­ment sys­tem. Input Logic, the Vancouver-based…

Postach.io Turns An Evernote Notebook Into A Blog http://flip.it/vOkRS http://flip.it/IV8va

Anthropological bed bug solution: kidney beans

A New Solution For Bedbugs: Kidney Bean Leaves
BY ARIEL SCHWARTZ, fastcoexist.com

It’s actually an old solution, which was mostly lost when bedbugs were eradicated. Now that they’re back, this natural remedy might be better than any pesticides we’ve thrown at them.

It only takes one infes­ta­tion with bed bugs to make you an…


Choosing the right oils to cook with

Why You Should Have More than One Oil In Your Kitchen (and How to Choose The Best Ones)
Alan Henry, lifehacker.com

Anyone can toss some oil into a pan and cook, but if you want to up your cooking game, consider using different oils based on the dish you’re making and how you plan to cook it. Using the right one can mean the difference between a tasty, well-coo…


Sokanu uses science to find out what you’re good at

Sokanu Says Science Can Help You Find Your Dream Job
Eric Johnson, allthingsd.com

Why do you work where you do and are you happy there? If the answer is “no” for the sec­ond ques­tion, Spencer Thomp­son has a new answer for the first.

Thomp­son, 21, is the CEO of Vancouver-based Sokanu, which offi­cial­ly launch­es this week.…


Walk Score City Rankings: figuring out where you can live (and walk around)

Urban Sprawl Repair Kit: Repairing The Urban F...
Urban Sprawl Repair Kit: Repairing The Urban Fabric (Photo credit: Inhabitat)

This is a great way to assess places you might want to live by how friendly they are for walking about. Boston, DC, NYC and San Fran are all tops which is encouraging but a little surprising given the crazy drivers I have encountered. Still, this probably refers to the downtown areas which feature older architecture that these cities preserve against shopping mall suburban sprawl which encourages auto travel.

Walk Score City Rankings.

Less Is More: Yotel’sTiny Hotel Rooms

Yotel Bath
Yotel Bath (Photo credit: cdent)

Less Is More: Yotel’sTiny Hotel Rooms : TreeHugger.