Interaction designer career pitfalls

Jack of All Trades, Master of None: Danger for Interaction Design

Image courtesy of smashingbuzzJeroen van Geel was invited to participate in the Redux at Interaction 13 in Toronto. Speakers were invited to reflect upon the conference content on the last day of the conference. This is part of his…

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A Map Of Every Person In The U.S. And Canada

A Map Of Every Person In The U.S. And Canada
By Dan Nosowitz,

You can try to find yourself among the 341,817,095 tiny dots on the map.

Here’s a pret­ty cool inter­ac­tive map made by Bran­don Martin-Anderson show­ing, accord­ing to cen­sus data, every sin­gle per­son in the Unit­ed States and Cana­da. The …

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Owner wants ‘Ikea monkey’ back

The owner of a monkey that was confiscated by the authorities after it escaped and ran around the car park of a Canadian Ikea wants her pet back.

RT @BBCNewsUS: Owner of Toronto’s now famous #IkeaMonkey asks for her pet back

Owner wants ‘Ikea monkey’ back

Walk Score City Rankings: figuring out where you can live (and walk around)

Urban Sprawl Repair Kit: Repairing The Urban F...
Urban Sprawl Repair Kit: Repairing The Urban Fabric (Photo credit: Inhabitat)

This is a great way to assess places you might want to live by how friendly they are for walking about. Boston, DC, NYC and San Fran are all tops which is encouraging but a little surprising given the crazy drivers I have encountered. Still, this probably refers to the downtown areas which feature older architecture that these cities preserve against shopping mall suburban sprawl which encourages auto travel.

Walk Score City Rankings.