Food stealing competitive intelligence of dogs

Your Dog Knows To Steal Food When Nobody’s Watching
By Colin Lecher,

Good news: your dog understands you! Bad news: watch the Kibbles ‘n Bits.

You’ve prob­a­bly always felt like your dog under­stands you, and it does—well enough to work out the best way to swipe some food from you.

Researchers from the…

Data science of the porn industry

What The Average American Porn Star Looks Like [Infographic]
By Francie Diep,

One man’s study of 10,000 porn actors reveals their most popular names, roles, hair color and other characteristics.

Your aver­age Amer­i­can porn star, it turns out, is like­ly to be a brown-haired California-born woman named Nikki Lee. That’s …

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Ikea and the anthropology of sofas

How Ikea Creates Massive Demand For The Ektorp Sofa: It Thinks About Moms
By Gregory P. Shea and Cassie A. Solomon,

IKEA has made very clear choices about who they will be and to whom they will matter, and why. Can you say the same for your brand?

Göran Carst­edt, pres­i­dent of IKEA North Amer­i­ca, sum­moned his top exec­u­tives to a large meet­ing room to…

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Owner wants ‘Ikea monkey’ back

The owner of a monkey that was confiscated by the authorities after it escaped and ran around the car park of a Canadian Ikea wants her pet back.

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Owner wants ‘Ikea monkey’ back

Tiny housetruck tour

Tiny Housetruck Video Tour

Sev­er­al years ago John Labovitz real­ized that he want­ed to live a much more sim­ple life. He real­ized that liv­ing in a small (well, tiny) home would be the cat­a­lyst for the sim­ple life he was search­ing for.

He began visu­al­iz­ing and…