Owner wants ‘Ikea monkey’ back


The owner of a monkey that was confiscated by the authorities after it escaped and ran around the car park of a Canadian Ikea wants her pet back.

RT @BBCNewsUS: Owner of Toronto’s now famous #IkeaMonkey asks for her pet back http://flip.it/iMjUZ http://flip.it/M8wbE

Owner wants ‘Ikea monkey’ back

Game cams now capture real life behavior

Amazing Photos Of Animals In The Wild, Snapped By Hidden Automatic Cameras
BY EMILY BADGER, fastcoexist.com

The Smithsonian’s Wild project uses advanced automated cameras to capture images of animals in their natural habitats as they go about their day. It’s a much better kind of specimen than a dead, stuffed animal.

Bill McShea has trav­eled to China…

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