Choosing the right oils to cook with

Why You Should Have More than One Oil In Your Kitchen (and How to Choose The Best Ones)
Alan Henry,

Anyone can toss some oil into a pan and cook, but if you want to up your cooking game, consider using different oils based on the dish you’re making and how you plan to cook it. Using the right one can mean the difference between a tasty, well-coo…

10 year old boy starts recycling business

10 Year-Old Boy Launches His Own Recycling Business, Donates 25% Of Profits To Homeless Children
Lana Winter,

“It’s so easy to do nothing. But it’s really good to do something!” This is the philosophy of wise beyond his years Vanis Buckholz, a 10 year-old boy who launched his own recycling business in his home town of Corona del Mar, California. Inspired …

Fox News tries to ditch conservative propaganda

Fox News adjusts to new reality as it faces four more years of Obama
Paul Harris in New York,

It’s the go-to network for outraged conservatives – but now Fox News has benched two high-profile pundits, and shown signs of retreat. Is the US’s biggest cable news network going moderate?

For America’s liberals, it is the tantalising cherry on…

RT @guardian: Fox News adjusts to new reality as it faces four more years of Obama, reports @PaulxHarris for @GuardianUS

Instagram captures drone strike maps

An Instagram Account Chillingly Documents The Sites Of U.S. Drone Strikes
By Mark Wilson,

The aptly named Dronestragram invites you to pause your visual consumption of your friends’ happy lives to consider a different kind of snapshot.

There are no embed­ded reporter fly-alongs dur­ing a drone strike—no live CNN cam­eras on the grou…

MIT Media Lab: Reality Mining

English: MIT's Media Laboratory and expansion ...
English: MIT’s Media Laboratory and expansion under construction Category:Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

MIT Media Lab: Reality Mining

This new center, part of the MIT Human Dynamics group, studies the ways we can use millions of sensors in portable devices already in common use to actually measure human behavior in real time. So, the end of psychology, the beginning of digital anthropology.

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