Anthropological bed bug solution: kidney beans

A New Solution For Bedbugs: Kidney Bean Leaves

It’s actually an old solution, which was mostly lost when bedbugs were eradicated. Now that they’re back, this natural remedy might be better than any pesticides we’ve thrown at them.

It only takes one infes­ta­tion with bed bugs to make you an…

Survey: Patients Welcome Active Role in Care

US Navy 071015-N-5086M-002 U.S. Army Spc. Saul...
US Navy 071015-N-5086M-002 U.S. Army Spc. Saul Martinez trains with the medicine ball while standing on a balancing tool and using the hands-free harness walking gait-training device during a therapy session (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Written by Heather Punke |,

Decem­ber 12, 2012

Amer­i­can health­care con­sumers are buy­ing into the notion that they must take an active role in their health­care, accord­ing to a recent sur­vey by Wolters Kluw­er Health, part of Wolters Kluw­er, a glob­al infor­ma­tion…

Survey: Patients Welcome Active Role in Care

PhD in Personal Health Informatics at Northeastern University


Health IT Certification Scholarship: George Washington University School of Public Health

George Washington University, 1956-1962
George Washington University, 1956-1962 (Photo credit: Special Collections Research Center GW)

The demand for health IT specialists is now so acute that George Washington University and other schools are offering scholarships for their training programs. This is a workforce development program offering tuition assistance of up to $10,000 by The United States Department of Health and Human Services, Office of The National Coordinator. The intention of this program is to increase the HIT workforce by bringing newly qualified people into the field. ONC has specified several criteria students must meet to receive tuition assistance.

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