We can now predict your behavior using online data

The Rising Science Of Social Influence — How Predictable Is Your Online Behaviour?
Ferenc Huszár, techcrunch.com

Techcrunch recent­ly ran a piece by Michael Wu of Lithi­um. The fol­low­ing is a response writ­ten by Fer­enc Huszar, who, prior to join­ing Peer Index PeerIndex as lead data sci­en­tist, was was a PhD stu­dent at the Machine Learn­ing Lab at…


PhD in Personal Health Informatics at Northeastern University


Quantified Self: New Personal Informatics Community

Avionics and Informatics
Avionics and Informatics (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Check this out.

Quantified Self | Self Knowledge Through Numbers.

Computational Linguistics: links and info

becca's dissertation #
becca’s dissertation # (Photo credit: wayneandwax)

Computational Linguistics.

Columbia University: Information and Knowledge Strategy program

Casio-G-Shock-Watches-Military-30 (Photo credit: ussocom_ru)

Interesting new program focused on KM. A friend, Katrina Pugh, is on the faculty…

Information and Knowledge Strategy | School of Continuing Education.

Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology: Syracuse University iSchool


Another good program in information science:

Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology – iSchool – Syracuse University.


NESEA – We Connect Sustainability Professionals to Ideas and Each Other.

English: The "three pillars" of sust...
English: The “three pillars” of sustainability bounded by the environment (earth, life) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

NESEA – We Connect Sustainability Professionals to Ideas and Each Other..

Die Pillendreherin: Kerstin Hollmann’s blog

Alice Springs Desert Park, Bush Tucker
Alice Springs Desert Park, Bush Tucker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Die Pillendreherin.

Kerstin Hollmann’s blog