Best grad degree programs in big data analytics

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Why cable tv is no longer necessary

Cut the cord and say goodbye to cable
Deborah Méndez-Wilson, special to USA TODAY,

On-demand and online services offer more choices than cable—sometimes for free.

Like every­one else, Audra Shar­i­fi Isfa­hani and her hus­band James McCol­lough want­ed to trim their costs in this down econ­o­my. They fig­ured if they cut their…

Parakeet: Improving speech recognition using user feedback

Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition (Photo credit: Chris Pirillo)

The problem with current speech recognition software (and why it is still maddeningly inaccurate sometimes) is that it cannot learn and receive immediate feedback from users as occurs in natural speech. Now, computational linguists are developing new approaches which allow this to happen, leading to much higher accuracy rates.

Monitor: Correct me if I’m wrong… | The Economist