Snooperscope iPhone night vision lens

Hunt ghosts with Snooperscope smartphone night vision lens
by Tim Hornyak,

This magnetic device lets you act like a creepy spy, observe nocturnal wildlife, or see Kinect infrared dots.

Maybe you want to check out what­ev­er it was that just went bump in the night. Or maybe you just want to see things in the dark. Here’…

Ethnographic documentary filmmaking with a kinect

How a Kinect hack is turning documentary film on its head
By Tom Cheshire,


This arti­cle was taken from the Decem­ber 2012 issue of Wired mag­a­zine. Be the first to read Wired’s arti­cles in print before they’re post­ed online, and get your hands on loads of addi­tion­al con­tent by sub­scrib­ing…

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Parakeet: Improving speech recognition using user feedback

Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition (Photo credit: Chris Pirillo)

The problem with current speech recognition software (and why it is still maddeningly inaccurate sometimes) is that it cannot learn and receive immediate feedback from users as occurs in natural speech. Now, computational linguists are developing new approaches which allow this to happen, leading to much higher accuracy rates.

Monitor: Correct me if I’m wrong… | The Economist