Snooperscope iPhone night vision lens

Hunt ghosts with Snooperscope smartphone night vision lens
by Tim Hornyak,

This magnetic device lets you act like a creepy spy, observe nocturnal wildlife, or see Kinect infrared dots.

Maybe you want to check out what­ev­er it was that just went bump in the night. Or maybe you just want to see things in the dark. Here’…

Belkin’s NetCam WiFi Camera is Mac compatible

Belkin’s NetCam WiFi Camera with Night Vision keeps an eye out for ghosts while you’re out, hooks up with iOS / Android
Ben Gilbert,

Out of town for Hal­loween and wor­ried that your empty house is get­ting filled with ethe­re­al cat­bur­glars? You can’t even see what they’re tak­ing! Belkin’s got a solu­tion for you with its new Wi-Fi Net­Cam, feed­ing your iOS or Android devi…