Your digital footprint

5 Places to Look for Your Digital Footprint

Recently, many iPhone and iPad users were incensed to learn that Siri — the personal digital assistant for iOS devices — has an eerily long memory. Unbeknownst to Apple customers, Siri sends all your queries directly to Apple’s company’s servers,…

Many use Netflix without paying

10 Million People Watch Netflix Without Paying
Rebecca Greenfield,

All that anec­do­tal pass­word shar­ing we’ve been hear­ing about is more than just a few media savvy friends pass­ing around their logins: One ana­lyst esti­mates that some­thing like 10 mil­lion peo­ple watch Net­flix Instant, gratis,…

10 Million People Watch Netflix Without Paying

Honda adding Siri to cars

Honda adding ‘Eyes Free’ Siri integration in some 2013 cars
by Josh Lowensohn,

A trio of upcoming Honda and Acura vehicles are getting Siri’s “Eyes Free” integration, letting drivers interact with their phones while driving.

Automak­er Honda today said it plans to inte­grate Apple’s Siri voice assis­tant in some of its…

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Parakeet: Improving speech recognition using user feedback

Speech Recognition
Speech Recognition (Photo credit: Chris Pirillo)

The problem with current speech recognition software (and why it is still maddeningly inaccurate sometimes) is that it cannot learn and receive immediate feedback from users as occurs in natural speech. Now, computational linguists are developing new approaches which allow this to happen, leading to much higher accuracy rates.

Monitor: Correct me if I’m wrong… | The Economist