Why cable tv is no longer necessary

Cut the cord and say goodbye to cable
Deborah Méndez-Wilson, special to USA TODAY, usatoday.com

On-demand and online services offer more choices than cable—sometimes for free.

Like every­one else, Audra Shar­i­fi Isfa­hani and her hus­band James McCol­lough want­ed to trim their costs in this down econ­o­my. They fig­ured if they cut their…


Do not believe the marketing about fancy HDMI cables

Still more reasons why all HDMI cable are the same
by Geoffrey Morrison, cnet.com

Peo­ple still have ques­tions about HDMI. Here are more answers.

Even after two arti­cles, and a tremen­dous amount of page hits, there still seems to be lots of ques­tions about HDMI cables. I cred­it this to the com­plex­i­ty of the top…