Arduino: How To Smell Pollutants

English: Arduino Serial board
English: Arduino Serial board (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

by liseman,

This Instructable explains how to use a gas sen­sor with your Arduino.

This lets your Arduino smell (and hence you pro­gram respons­es to) over­all gas lev­els for a vari­ety of nas­ties, includ­ing ethanol, methane, formalde­hyde, and a bunch o…

How To Smell Pollutants

Do not believe the marketing about fancy HDMI cables

Still more reasons why all HDMI cable are the same
by Geoffrey Morrison,

Peo­ple still have ques­tions about HDMI. Here are more answers.

Even after two arti­cles, and a tremen­dous amount of page hits, there still seems to be lots of ques­tions about HDMI cables. I cred­it this to the com­plex­i­ty of the top…

Sell, trade in and recycle electronics on Gazelle instead of throwing them into a landfill

English: Recycle logo
English: Recycle logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What a great idea. A dedicated, professionally managed portal for selling all of the endless electronic gadgets that accumulate around the house so they don’t end up in a landfill.

Sell Used Electronics, Trade In and Recycle Electronics – Gazelle.