How to feed the world with insects

A Grand Plan For Feeding The World With Insects

We need more protein for the developing world, but we really don’t need to be raising more livestock. The solution might be buzzing around your head right now.

How do you feed 9 and half bil­lion peo­ple with­out destroy­ing the plan­et? Accord­…

A Grand Plan For Feeding The World With Insects

Ushahidi :: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information (FOSS)

Developing countries excluding Least Developed...
Developing countries excluding Least Developed Countries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My friend Bill told me about this company which uses crowdsourcing to address crisis situations in developing countries.

PolyTherics – enabling better biopharmaceuticals

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PolyTherics – enabling better biopharmaceuticals – PolyTherics.

This company is attempting to put the drug development process into an open source model so that poor people in developing countries can actually afford to get drugs. They were highlight in Business 2.0‘s list of Disrupters.