Crowdsourcing app will measure the world for a week through smartphones

Crowdsourcing app will “measure the world” for a week through smartphones
Sean Gallagher,

If you’ve ever had trou­ble explain­ing the con­cept of “big data” to some­one—or had trou­ble wrap­ping your brain around the buzz­word your­self—Rick Smolan wants to help. But how do you demon­strate big data? It’s the some­what abstract,…

Health 2.0: Crowd-Sourcing Life Sciences Maxiom Group Blog

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Please read my latest blog post Health 2.0: Crowd-Sourcing Life Sciences on the Maxiom Group blog.

Intelligence agencies, mired in inefficiencies, begin to adopt social science and crowd sourcing methods

US Director of National Intelligence seal
US Director of National Intelligence seal (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As with other fields such as medicine, after years of massive costs and sometimes ineffective methods, resulting in catastrophic failures such as 9/11, new leadership at our intelligence agencies such as Director of National Intelligence James R. Clapper are adopting digital and social science methods such as crowd sourcing, data science, knowledge management.  Social scientists have found that combining many people’s predictions — even if they are not experts — usually yields better results than any single person’s judgment. With 200,000 people in its direct employ, and nearly 1 million outsiders holding security clearances, the US intelligence network would seem to be a perfect place to take advantage of the wisdom of the herd — except that so many of these people work in compartmentalized and secretive units. To solve this problem, IARPA is awarding grants to teams of social scientists to craft the best approaches to pooling multiple sources of intelligence analysis, generating more accurate predictions than individual departments might manage on their own.

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Ushahidi :: Crowdsourcing Crisis Information (FOSS)

Developing countries excluding Least Developed...
Developing countries excluding Least Developed Countries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


My friend Bill told me about this company which uses crowdsourcing to address crisis situations in developing countries.