TechAmerica Foundation Big Data Commission

TechAmerica Foundation : TechAmerica Foundation Big Data Commission

TechAmerica Foundation Big Data Commission

Data in the world is dou­bling every 18 months. Across gov­ern­ment every­one is talk­ing about the con­cept of Big Data, and how this new tech­nol­o­gy will trans­form the way Wash­ing­ton does busi­ne…

Health 2.0: Crowd-Sourcing Life Sciences Maxiom Group Blog

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences
Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Please read my latest blog post Health 2.0: Crowd-Sourcing Life Sciences on the Maxiom Group blog.

iPad penetrates biotech/pharma with social information access

iPad in Subway
iPad in Subway (Photo credit: beatak)

After years of regulatory hand wringing about the theoretical risks and benefits of social media in pharma, the Apple iPad and with it an entire ecosystem of interactive apps for science and medical information professionals is now achieving mass penetration of the pharma industry.

Medical-Sector Companies Arm Sales Forces With Apple IPads –

Online video based learning: a brief intro

ELearning Rooms at UC-BCF
ELearning Rooms at UC-BCF (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Want a free education? A brief guide to the burgeoning world of online video lectures. – The Boston Globe.

Academic you tube sites

GPS for the Mac

GIS Day (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


GPS for the Mac | Macworld.