23andMe and the FDA: what really drove them apart

What Really Drove 23andMe And The FDA Apart
BY ROBERT SAFIAN, fastcompany.com

Is getting a $99 DNA test really hazardous to your health? Our editor-in-chief decodes an innovation dustup.

When we put 23andMe CEO Anne Woj­ci­c­ki on the cover of Fast Com­pa­ny’s Novem­ber issue, we didn’t expect the FDA to yank the com­pa­n…


Colossal finds most incredible images

The Eye-Popping Images On Colossal Will Make Art Lovers Of Us All
BY BRYAN LUFKIN, fastcompany.com

Christopher Jobson’s knack for finding the most stunning, share-worthy pictures on the Internet make his site Colossal required browsing for anyone remotely interested in the visual arts.

Between celebri­ty Twit­ter feuds, tele­vised nip slips, …


iDoorCam wifi door bell and camera on Indiegogo

Why The iDoorCam Is An Indiegogo Sensation
BY NEAL UNGERLEIDER, fastcompany.com

Investors are going gaga for a smartphone-integrated doorbell that lets anyone screen visitors on a video app integrated into their iPhones or Androids.

iDoor­Cam is that rarest of things: A bona fide Indiegogo phe­nom­e­non. The Wi-Fi– enabled…


Tweet yourself to a dream job

How To Tweet Your Way To Your Dream Job
By: Lydia Dishman, fastcompany.com

Three out of four people are in constant job-search mode and, increasingly, Twitter is their tool of choice. Here’s how to make 140 characters work for you.

Can a tweet—or three—land you a dream job?

That’s a ques­tion Tay­lor Aldredge now…


Write a good bio

The Art Of Writing Your Own Bio: How To Toot Your Horn Without Sounding Like A Blowhard
By Jonathan Rick, fastcompany.com

The problem with your bio isn’t the boasting—it’s who’s doing the boasting.

After col­lege, I did what most lib­er­al arts grads do when they come to Wash­ing­ton: I interned at a think tank. As I sub­se­quent­ly embarked on my career, I shied…

The Art Of Writing Your Own Bio: How To Toot Your Horn Without Sounding Like A Blowhard http://flip.it/LBp5t http://flip.it/UqWTS

The most innovative social media companies

The Most Innovative Social Media Companies 2013
By: FAST COMPANY STAFF, fastcompany.com

In an increasingly social world, if you’re not evolving, you’re not winning. These companies impress us with their social media savvy.


For build­ing a suite of com­mu­ni­ca­tions apps that 300 mil­lion Chi­nese are talk­ing through.…

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Visualizing the languages of NYC

Infographic: The Languages Of New York, Mapped By Tweets
By Mark Wilson, fastcodesign.com

Who speaks which languages in New York? One team looked at 8.5 million tweets to map it out.

It looks like every block of NYC has been wrapped in Christ­mas lights, but in real­i­ty, you’re look­ing at the nine most promi­nent­ly tweet­ed…

RT @FastCompany: Via @FastCoDesign, Infographic: The Languages of New York, Mapped By Tweets http://flip.it/VMQWa http://flip.it/Hh2nO

Bridge design residencies

“Bridge” Design Residencies Will Offer Plum Jobs At Path, Pinterest, And Airbnb
By Mark Wilson, fastcodesign.com

A new program by the Designer Fund will pair great designers with great startups. It raises the question: Why’s this marriage so hard in the first place?

Path, Drop­box, Pin­ter­est, Airbnb. They’re some of the most high-profile star­tups in the…

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