23andMe and the FDA: what really drove them apart

What Really Drove 23andMe And The FDA Apart
BY ROBERT SAFIAN, fastcompany.com

Is getting a $99 DNA test really hazardous to your health? Our editor-in-chief decodes an innovation dustup.

When we put 23andMe CEO Anne Woj­ci­c­ki on the cover of Fast Com­pa­ny’s Novem­ber issue, we didn’t expect the FDA to yank the com­pa­n…


23andme: how to use genetic testing while ensuring privacy

How to use 23andMe without giving up your genetic privacy
Sarah A. Downey, venturebeat.com

Sarah A. Downey is an attor­ney, pri­va­cy ana­lyst, and writer at Abine, an online pri­va­cy start­up in Boston. Find her on Twit­ter @SarahADowney.

If you’re like me, the idea of know­ing what’s in your genet­ic pro­file is both…


Check Your Genome

Check Your Genome
Caleb Garling, wired.com


Gene muta­tions can pre­dict how you’ll respond to cer­tain sub­stances. Here’s what genet­ic test­ing out­fit 23andMe can tell you about how you might react to the drugs below.

Drugs for which your 23andMe results can…


Personal genetics company seeks regulatory approval

Image representing 23andMe as depicted in Crun...
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Personal genetics company seeks regulatory approval

Monya Baker, nature.com

Per­son­al genet­ics com­pa­ny 23andMe announced Mon­day that it was seek­ing FDA approval for an ini­tial batch of seven health-related tests with scores more to fol­low.

23andMe, based in Moun­tain View, Cal­i­for­nia, mar­kets genet­ics test­…


High Speed Science: NIH vs. 23andMe Smackdown

Image representing 23andMe as depicted in Crun...
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via www.wired.com

Another excellent article on turning the scientific method on its head using new web based social networking data mining methods versus hypothesis/testing. For example compares the conventional approach of NIH to that of 23andMe in studying Parkinson’s which lead to a reduction in research time from 6 years to 8 months.