23andMe and the FDA: what really drove them apart

What Really Drove 23andMe And The FDA Apart
BY ROBERT SAFIAN, fastcompany.com

Is getting a $99 DNA test really hazardous to your health? Our editor-in-chief decodes an innovation dustup.

When we put 23andMe CEO Anne Woj­ci­c­ki on the cover of Fast Com­pa­ny’s Novem­ber issue, we didn’t expect the FDA to yank the com­pa­n…


Mapping your DNA could save your life

Why Mapping Your DNA Could Save Your Life
Lauren Drell, mashable.com

You may think you know yourself like the back of your hand, but unless you’ve been DNA tested, there’s probably a lot you don’t know about yourself. Within each of the 50 trillion cells in your body rests the microscopic DNA that programs your ent…


Freakonomics radio: The real life of consultants

(via Freakonomics » I Consult, Therefore I Am: A New Freakonomics Radio Podcast)

DNA: The Ultimate Hard Drive

English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is t...
English: DNA replication or DNA synthesis is the process of copying a double-stranded DNA molecule. This process is paramount to all life as we know it. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

ScienceNow, wired.com

Researchers have stored an entire genet­ics text­book in less than a picogram of DNA, or one tril­lionth of a gram . It’s an advance that could rev­o­lu­tion­ize our abil­i­ty to save data.


DNA: The Ultimate Hard Drive

Microsoft says social science will be the next frontier of science and technology

Microsoft in Cambridge
Microsoft in Cambridge (Photo credit: Rachel Ford James)

Microsoft Research New England head notes  that social science will be the next frontier of science and technology.

Where creativity meets technology – Boston.com


Getting real about Enterprise 2.0

E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside The Inbox by Luis Suarez » Getting Real about Enterprise 2.0 by Oscar Berg and Henrik Gustafsson.