The future of biometrics is personalization and experience

The future of biometric data tracking isn’t about devices, it’s about experiences
Ki Mae Heussner,

Every­where you look these days, there seems to be yet anoth­er sensor-enabled device or mobile app that wants to mon­i­tor every­thing from your heart rate and pos­ture to your brain waves and breath­ing pat­terns.

Dr. Leslie Saxon is the found…

iPad mini review

Review: The skinny on the iPad mini—it’s not the size that counts
Jacqui Cheng,

For­mer Apple CEO Steve Jobs famous­ly trashed 7” tablets as being “dead in the water” in 2010. Two years later, under the reign of new CEO Tim Cook, Apple has released its own minia­ture tablet—one that has a diag­o­nal screen mea­sure­ment of 7.…

RT @ejacqui: In case you missed it by following election stuff yesterday, my iPad mini review is up at Ars:

Samsung patents voice recognition for emotional state

Samsung patent ties emotional states to virtual faces through voice, shows when we’re cracking up
Jon Fingas,

Voice recog­ni­tion usu­al­ly applies to com­mu­ni­ca­tion only in the most util­i­tar­i­an sense, whether it’s to trans­late on the spot or to keep those hands on the wheel while send­ing a text mes­sage. Sam­sung has just been grant­ed a US pate…