How educated are world leaders?


Light Years
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In democ­ra­cies1, the dri­ver of change is typ­i­cal­ly elec­tions; in autoc­ra­cies, it is typ­i­cal­ly biol­o­gy. It is often said that auto­crat­ic lead­ers are there­fore less like­ly to be edu­cat­ed. Lead­ers’ edu­ca­tion level has been fou…

How educated are world leaders?

How educated are world leaders?

Patent trolls own Sony IP

Jury finds iPhone infringes Nokia, Sony patents owned by “troll”
Joe Mullin,

Flickr user Jesus LeonWhen MobileMedia Ideas formed in 2010, it was probably the biggest sign yet that the idea of “patent-trolling” had gone corporate. The company exists solely to get licensing fees from essentially the entire cell phone…

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Samsung patents voice recognition for emotional state

Samsung patent ties emotional states to virtual faces through voice, shows when we’re cracking up
Jon Fingas,

Voice recog­ni­tion usu­al­ly applies to com­mu­ni­ca­tion only in the most util­i­tar­i­an sense, whether it’s to trans­late on the spot or to keep those hands on the wheel while send­ing a text mes­sage. Sam­sung has just been grant­ed a US pate…

Intellectual Ventures: patent hunters and gatherers


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Dr. Om Parkash 2
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