Best LTE providers for iPad

4G iPad Mini: Which Carrier Has the Best Deal?
Brad Chacos – Laptop Mag,

The iPad mini’s pint-sized frame was made with porta­bil­i­ty in mind, and the arrival of a 4G LTE-equipped model at three of the nation’s top cel­lu­lar providers this morn­ing makes it eas­i­er than ever to keep your tablet con­nect­ed while on …

4G iPad Mini: Which Carrier Has the Best Deal?

iPad mini review

Review: The skinny on the iPad mini—it’s not the size that counts
Jacqui Cheng,

For­mer Apple CEO Steve Jobs famous­ly trashed 7” tablets as being “dead in the water” in 2010. Two years later, under the reign of new CEO Tim Cook, Apple has released its own minia­ture tablet—one that has a diag­o­nal screen mea­sure­ment of 7.…

RT @ejacqui: In case you missed it by following election stuff yesterday, my iPad mini review is up at Ars:

iPad Mini: To Doctors, Size Does Matter

Octo­ber 26, 2012

A stan­dard lab-coat pock­et is about 8.5 inch­es by 7.5 inch­es. An iPad mini comes in at 7.87 by 5.3 inch­es, mean­ing that it is the first pocket-sized iPad (at least, if you’re into wear­ing lab coats) to hit the mar­ket.…

iPad Mini: To Doctors, Size Does Matter