iPad Mini: To Doctors, Size Does Matter


Octo­ber 26, 2012

A stan­dard lab-coat pock­et is about 8.5 inch­es by 7.5 inch­es. An iPad mini comes in at 7.87 by 5.3 inch­es, mean­ing that it is the first pocket-sized iPad (at least, if you’re into wear­ing lab coats) to hit the mar­ket.…


iPad Mini: To Doctors, Size Does Matter

How the Tablet Will Change the World | Magazine

Image representing iPad as depicted in CrunchBase
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Great article on the new iPad which argues it represents a major shift in communication away from the conventional computer towards an always on, always connected, keyboard-less, mouse-less, cloud based, multi-sensory, gesture based social networking device.

Forrester Research: How to pick enterprise software

English: KnowledgeMap built automatically from...
English: KnowledgeMap built automatically from the Wikipedia article about knowledge management (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
English: An illustration of how Knowledge Mana...
English: An illustration of how Knowledge Management is a supporting activity to build a company’s intellectual capital (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Knowledge Management Software
Knowledge Management Software (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
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Forrester Research : Home.

This is the best way to pick enterprise software apps: look up this firm’s reviews. They have a special section for Information, Content and Knowledge Management pros.