Overland nomad water storage

Links We Love: Overland Nomads – Vehicle Water Storage
Matthew Scott, expeditionportal.com

What do you get when you com­bine two fan­tas­tic peo­ple (Antho­ny and Astrid) along with an 80 Series Toy­ota Land Cruis­er affec­tion­ate­ly named Hank the Tank? You get The Over­land Nomads, who de …


Why You Need to Stop Being So Nice

Jessica Stillman, inc.com


For some entrepreneurs, prioritizing yourself can be one of the biggest challenges. Here’s how to learn to say no and set boundaries.

Help­ing oth­ers, shar­ing, being kind: These are the sorts of val­ues that have been instilled i…

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Why You Need to Stop Being So Nice

Why the walking dead is so addictive yet mindless


I don’t watch The Walking Dead anymore. When I did, however, this is exactly how I felt. The large portion that is pink was ultimately enough to make me steer clear for the rest of the series.

Discovering the next cures from indigenous medicine

Horseradish Tea And Other Global Cold Cures
All Things Considered, npr.org

Horseradish Tea And Other Global Cold Cures NPR All Things Considered

From chick­en noo­dle soup to alcohol-spiked drinks, every­one has a pre­ferred rem­e­dy for cold symp­toms. Since she was feel­ing a lit­tle under the weath­er, Melis­sa Bloc…


Hey IT Manager, We’re Your Friends

Hey IT Manager, We’re Your Friends
Dan Rowinski, readwriteweb.com

You know who you are. You are the employ­ee who ignores man­dates from the IT depart­ment. You use your own devices and apps to get the job done, com­pa­ny poli­cies be hanged. The IT man­ag­er might call you a prob­lem employ­ee, but actu­al­ly y…