Why the walking dead is so addictive yet mindless


I don’t watch The Walking Dead anymore. When I did, however, this is exactly how I felt. The large portion that is pink was ultimately enough to make me steer clear for the rest of the series.

An Epidemic of Absence

Book review: An Epidemic of Absence takes on the worms you’re missing
Diana Gitig, arstechnica.com

An Epi­dem­ic of Absence: A New Way of Under­stand­ing Aller­gies and Autoim­mune Dis­eases could be co-marketed with the Thomas Rock­well’s chil­dren’s clas­sic How to Eat Fried Worms. It begins with the author, Moi­ses…


The phone call is dead

English: Flowers by the phone A closer look at...
English: Flowers by the phone A closer look at the directories and flowers in Balmerino’s fabulous phone-box. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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