Why You Need to Stop Being So Nice

Jessica Stillman, inc.com


For some entrepreneurs, prioritizing yourself can be one of the biggest challenges. Here’s how to learn to say no and set boundaries.

Help­ing oth­ers, shar­ing, being kind: These are the sorts of val­ues that have been instilled i…

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Why You Need to Stop Being So Nice

Data science for Oscar win prediction

Who Has The Best Mathematical Models For Predicting The Oscars?
By Francie Diep, popsci.com

Choose your favorite data-driven model for predicting Oscar wins.

For­get what movie you actu­al­ly liked. And for­get the experts. The hot new way to pre­dict win­ners is by using quan­tifi­able data and rig­or­ous sta­tis­ti­cal analy­ses. As …

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Visualizing top cities for bicycling

Biking and Walking to Work

Bicycling.com came out with a rank­ing of the top US cities for bicy­cling. I took their top ten cities and dot mapped every com­muter in and around them, col­ored by their method of com­mute, to get …

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New video and e-book from my life science innovation course

Deutsch: inside the CERN Globe of Science and ...
Deutsch: inside the CERN Globe of Science and Innovation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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