Anthropological perspectives on why dieting is a waste of time

Daniel Lieberman: ‘Dieting is a disaster for everyone’
Interview by Ian Tucker,

Harvard’s professor of human evolutionary biology explains why obesity is the major 21st-century problem – and why we are ill-equipped to deal with it

Daniel Lieberman is a professor of human evolutionary biology at Harvard and has published…

Software traces history of linguistics

A Computer Program Uncovers The Evolutionary History Of Words
By Rebecca Boyle,

Software performs feats of historical linguistics.

Lan­guages are hard; it takes a trained ear to tease out not just the ver­biage but the idiomat­ic expres­sions, the tone, the region­al trends and ever-shifting insults that make a per­son trul…

RT @PopSci: Software that unravels the evolutionary history of words. Look out linguists, this computer wants your job!

Infographic: Humans Are Just A Twig On The Tree Of Life

Infographic: Humans Are Just A Twig On The Tree Of Life
By Mark Wilson,

3.5 billion years of evolution, in one beautiful infographic.

Life start­ed with bac­te­ria. By some cos­mic chance, amino acids became DNA and pro­teins, which togeth­er became life. It took rough­ly 2 bil­lion more years for things to get more…

Evolutionary and health aspects of bed sharing


A totally weird but interesting study. This conflicts with our evolutionary heritage has primates in some ways living in communal groups but may have merit if primates sleep independently.

BBC NEWS | Health | Bed sharing ‘bad for your health’.


Evolutionary curveball for curvy

A phylogenetic tree of living things.
A phylogenetic tree of living things. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Evolutionary curveball for curvy? – The Boston Globe.

Current issue of Current Anthropology links body shape, assertiveness and economic viability in recession.