Can a High-Tech ‘Biological Passport’ End Sports Doping

Can a High-Tech ‘Biological Passport’ End Sports Doping Forever?
Sam Laird,

Lance Armstrong says it helped scare him off performance-enhancing drugs forever. It’s already been implemented in track and field as well as cycling, and world tennis authorities are now considering adding it to their arsenal as well.It’s called …

Business Cards Do High-Tech Work

Many tech­nol­o­gy com­pa­nies and entre­pre­neurs that deal with most­ly vir­tu­al prod­ucts are embrac­ing the tac­tile busi­ness card.

Business Cards Do High-Tech Work

Mass High Tech New England Technology Directory

New England Patriots: Gillette Stadium
New England Patriots: Gillette Stadium (Photo credit: markwaitkus)

Great source for information on Mass high tech companies and people.

New England Technology Directory | Mass High Tech.

Why biotech and pharma companies are taking so long to adopt social media

Pharma companies have to deal with a lot of hurdles to allow people to collaborate with them online which may explain why they are such late adopters

Regulations restrict social media use by biotechs, pharma – Mass High Tech Business News.

Matchmaking takes a high tech approach advert advert (Photo credit: Adam Pilarski)

Matchmaking takes a high tech approach – The Boston Globe.

High tech meets cross cultural reality: biodata approaches take tradition family based decisions about marriage which account for education, income, genes, background, occupation, and interests and were once decided by families