Why Apple maps debacle was actually a success

Is Google’s New Maps App Actually a Big Triumph for Apple?
Frederick E. Allen, forbes.com

Last Sep­tem­ber when Apple ditched its Google Maps iPhone app and replaced it with its amaz­ing­ly inept home-built Maps app, the move was so round­ly denounced as a step back­ward and a weak­en­ing of the iPhone envi­ron­ment that chief exec­u­t…


Why you should not build expensive cities near salt water

FYI: Why Does Salt Water Make Hurricane Damage So Much Worse?
By Colin Lecher, popsci.com

The white stuff can stick around and ruin, well, pretty much everything. That puts the officials trying to fix it on a ticking clock.

Sandy crip­pled the NYC sub­way sys­tem this week, knock­ing out power, dam­ag­ing switch­es, and dump­ing…


It’s Time For Your Drive-By Energy Audit

It’s Time For Your Drive-By Energy Audit
BY MICHAEL J. COREN, fastcoexist.com

An ambitious company is attempting to use thermal cameras attached to cars to capture images of how every building in America is wasting energy.

It’s the Google Maps for home effi­cien­cy. At the rate of two to three mil­lion build­ings per mont…


Globe Trekker on breakfasts of the world

Thailand (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I rather like this show. In particular the breakfasts consumed around the world consist of foods that Starbucks sugar addled American brains would shudder to think. Most are well rounded meals high in protein, fiber, beneficial fats, probiotics, and micro nutrients such as pickled veggies and fish washed down with a beer (Thailand).

The official Globe Trekker website: Globe Trekker The Good and Bad Food Guide.