10 year old boy starts recycling business

10 Year-Old Boy Launches His Own Recycling Business, Donates 25% Of Profits To Homeless Children
Lana Winter, inhabitots.com

“It’s so easy to do nothing. But it’s really good to do something!” This is the philosophy of wise beyond his years Vanis Buckholz, a 10 year-old boy who launched his own recycling business in his home town of Corona del Mar, California. Inspired …


Juan Downey: Energy anthropologist and artist

ShabanoYanomami.jpg (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really like this guy’s stuff. A self proclaimed “energy anthropologist” this video artist travelled deep into South America to find a primal, invisible forms of energy which he documented. Juan Downey, like all the best avant-gardists going right back to the 19th century, had a utopian streak.  He spent seven years traveling back and forth between the United States and South America, where he visited isolated communities in Mexico, Guatemala, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, recording aspects of daily life with a video camera, then playing his recordings back to other communities. In 1976 and ’77, Downey took his wife, Marilys, and his stepdaughter, Elizabeth (Titi), deep into the Amazon. From the Guahibos in Central Orinoco, they canoed upriver to Mavaca and Tayari ,where for half a year they lived among the Yanomami people. Downey documented their lives. He became fascinated in particular by a structure, the “shabono,’’ made from thatched palm leaves or wood and with a hole in the middle, that could shelter several hundred people.

A trailblazer with a utopian streak – Boston.com.