Effects of posture on social interaction

Weak or Powerful: How Does Your Posture Make You Seem?
Jessica Stillman, inc.com


Practicing your posture before a big meeting may sound silly, but scientists have found that how your stand has dramatic effects on your mood and therefore how you are perceived.

If you came into the bath­room one day to find a…

Weak or Powerful: How Does Your Posture Make You Seem? http://flip.it/v3CGo http://flip.it/h2py2

Eastern meditation inspired approach infiltrates psychology

After decades of sometimes ineffective Western psychological methods, increasingly more psychologists are turning to anthropology and cross cultural approaches to understand the human mind. This one practices in Western Mass…

Mind Power – The Boston Globe.

Mobile communications and loneliness


An article in Boston Globe magazine charts the curious trend away from real human interaction towards entirely digitally mediated ones and notes the importance of being “un reachable” at times which is becoming increasingly difficult, and of being able to tolerate being alone. In particular the article cites research by an NYU social scientist and a U Toronto information scientist that show the effects of widespread usage of mobile comms on our culture.