Circle of life: visualizing biological data

Circle of Life: The Beautiful New Way to Visualize Biological Data
Brandon Keim,

When Martin Krzywinski took a systems administrator job at Canada’s Michael Smith Genome Center, he didn’t plan on becoming a pioneer of 21st century biological data visualization. Now his distinctive aesthetic is synonymous with the informational…

Visualization is the future: 6 startups

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Information Visualization: Drug deaths vs. press coverage

English: The Solid Software Xplorer (SolidSX) ...
English: The Solid Software Xplorer (SolidSX) is a software application that gives insight in large (software) systems. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


David McCandless is an expert in information visualization. A great place to see his work is this website which features an interesting visualization of drug deaths and media coverage. As further evidence of this ranking please also see the scientist in the UK who has recently been fired for arguing that drug policy should be based on sounds science, not politics, and provided statistics showing the increased risk of widely consumed drugs such as alcohol in comparison to less risky ones which have been more aggressively criminalized