Shipping container hotels

This Hotel Is Made Entirely Of Shipping Containers

Sleeping Around is a traveling boutique lodging that’s so fancy, you won’t even know you’re sleeping in the detritus of the global economy.

When future gen­er­a­tions look back on the archi­tec­ture of the early 21st cen­tu­ry, will our time be…

RT @FastCompany: This hotel is made entirely of shipping containers!

Boston natural gas leaks

Boston has a few thousand gas leaks it shouldn’t worry about

Just FYI, Bostonon­i­an­ites, there’s a nat­ur­al gas leak under your city. Not a big deal. It’s a lit­tle one. Lit­tle small lit­tle nat­ur­al gas leak.

And a tiny bit of addi­tion­al bad news — there are also over 3,300 other such leaks.