ShelterKraft Werks Builds Homes and Shops from Reclaimed Shipping Containers

ShelterKraft Werks Builds Homes & Shops from Reclaimed Shipping Containers.

Shipping container hotels

This Hotel Is Made Entirely Of Shipping Containers

Sleeping Around is a traveling boutique lodging that’s so fancy, you won’t even know you’re sleeping in the detritus of the global economy.

When future gen­er­a­tions look back on the archi­tec­ture of the early 21st cen­tu­ry, will our time be…

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Garbage cans turned into living containers

garbage cans turned into living containers by philipp stingl

garbage cans turned into ‘living containers’ by philipp stingl as the demographic evolution in germany and other countries becomes more dramatic, social systems will collapse and
from the ashes an aging society will rise, marked by crime, sickn…

garbage dumpsters turned into living containers by philipp stingl

Wirecutter picks best iPad case

Not-Horrible iPad Cases
Alexander George,

Some peo­ple think the iPad is so gor­geous it doesn’t need a case. I dis­agree, and my favorite over­all case is Joy Fac­to­ry’s Smart­Suit 3.

(Updat­ed 17 July 2012: I recent­ly looked at a num­ber of new cases, then spoke to Flo­rence Ion,…

Not-Horrible iPad Cases | The Wirecutter

MakerBot Industries: DIY rapid prototyping, design and manufacturing

Makerbot Industries @ 3rd Ward
Makerbot Industries @ 3rd Ward (Photo credit: habi)

MakerBot Industries.

INCOSE – Directory of Systems Engineering Academic Programs

The scope of systems engineering activities Sy...
The scope of systems engineering activities Systems Engineering Fundamentals. Defense Acquisition University Press, 2001 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


INCOSE – Directory of Systems Engineering Academic Programs.