Wikimapia – Let’s describe the whole world!


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Wikimapia – Let’s describe the whole world!.



Google Earth Uncovers Cow GPS


I found this article fascinating since it demonstrates how large scale observation of thousands of bovines can detect patterns in their behavior, namely that they all face North/South. A pair of German researchers are crediting Google Earth for enabling a new discovery into the hidden powers of cows. The two zoologists used the Google mapping tool to study photos of some 300 herds of cattle around the world. What they found was, in general, cows prefer to face north. Of the 8,510 cows observed on Google, some two thirds had aligned themselves in a direction facing magnetic north when grazing or resting.


NASA-Funded Carbon Dioxide Map of U.S. Released on Google Earth

NASA – NASA-Funded Carbon Dioxide Map of U.S. Released on Google Earth.